Oct 26 2009

Perfect Contributions - About Men, For Men

The perfect gift for a man book

The perfect gift for a man book

When we started receiving contributions from all the fantastic writers across Australia (and one from the US – thanks Ann!), we realised that we need to think carefully about the best way to showcase each story. We wanted to ensure that each brave, bare bones contribution stood on its own merit – but we also needed to provide some structure to the overall collection.

This book, The Perfect Gift for a Man, is written about men, for men. And as such, we wanted to reflect the life of a man – the good, the difficult, the challenging and the astounding.

The amazing thing is, that without any particular orchestration on our part, the topics chosen by our authors fell into the various stages that we experience as we grow and age – Becoming a Man, Respect (gaining and giving), Fragility, Fatherhood and Loss. The table of contents can be seen below, along with some of the book’s preliminary pages.

We believe that these stories will get under your skin – just as they did with us. We trust that they will be stories you will want to share with the men in your life – with your brothers, uncles, fathers and sons. With your friends and family. The book will be available for purchase on Wednesday, October 26, 2009. I look forward to sharing all these stories with you then. But in the meantime, be sure to join our Facebook group.