Oct 27 2009

Words, Feelings and Thoughts from our Authors

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The Perfect Gift for a Man could not be what it is without the contributions from our authors. Each person brought their own unique perspective, thoughts and creativity. They bared their souls, shared their burdens and told their darkest secrets.

But it is the spirit in which these stories have been told that is exciting. The very fact that these men (and women) have been able to share intimate and personal experiences is a breakthrough. We want young men to read, to see and to hear these stories – but perhaps, most importantly, we’d like young men to FEEL them.

So in this spirit, I asked our authors to share their hopes FOR the book and for the books readers. You can view these brief, 12 second clips right here.

And please, buy this book for the men in your life. All profits go to the Inspire Foundation. We think it is the perfect gift for a man.