Oct 28 2009

Steve Biddulph Endorses The Perfect Gift for a Man

Raising BoysWe are very excited to receive a ringing endorsement for The Perfect Gift for a Man from well-known author of the book Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph:

This is one hell of a book. Born out of a triple j week  focusing on men’s lives, and created by its listeners, it’s a remarkable piece of work.

A man’s life, whether he is 18 or 80, can start to go badly.  And often, after that, it just gets worse.   How to turn your life around is a serious concern.  The men who write these gutsy, honest, emotionally vulnerable stories create an excitement and energy in the reader, because they have faced the dragon of their own pain, and won.   They got help, they dived in, they didn’t give up, and they trusted the power of their hearts to bring them through.

Every kind of man, every style of writing, with pictures, cartoons, short and punchy, you will find bits of yourself all over these  pages.  Read it and weep.  It will change you.