Oct 29 2009

Gavin Heaton and Steve Crombie Interviewed on Mornings with Kerrie-Anne

Gavin Heaton and Steven Crombie on Mornings with Kerrie-AnneYesterday, Steve Crombie and I (Gavin Heaton) went to the Channel Nine studios in Sydney to discuss the book with Kerrie-Anne Kennerley. We talked about how the book came about, some of the stories that touched us, and Steve spoke a little about his personal journey. The video is below.

But there was one thing that we were not able to adequately get across – and that was how great it is to be able to get a REAL book into the hands of others. We have been able to turn what started out as a series of blog posts into a real, professionally produced, high quality coffee table style book. It is something that can be ordered online, wrapped and given as a gift – precisely what we wanted. And you can do it too. With your family photos, your autobiography – or even that novel that you have hidden in the bottom drawer. Check out Blurb.com – it’s easier than you can imagine.

The Perfect Gift for a Man book – interview on Mornings With Kerri-Anne from Tony Hollingsworth on Vimeo.