Nov 09 2009

The Perfect Gift Update

The Perfect Gift for a ManSince we launched The Perfect Gift for a Man we have generated a lot of interest and a lot of visits to the Blurb site. Thanks for all your help to promote the book – it has been fantastic.

However, despite having over 5000 visitors to the website, our sales have remained low (about 50 books have been sold with another 20 ebooks). To remedy this, we have been working with Blurb on pricing and have also reformatted the book into a smaller size.

This has allowed us to dramatically drop the price to $19.95,

It also means that we can now make the eBook available for FREE. Yes, that’s right – the eBook is free.

The profits from the sale of the book (about $10) go to The Inspire Foundation – so please do consider purchasing a printed copy.

Those of you who have ordered the larger format book will be in possession of a collectors edition. It also means, we believe, that the book will more easily make its way into the hands of the men (and women) who need to read it.

The URL for the new, smaller version of the book, is:

Image: byAdrian Gonsalves

  1. Merric Reese

    Just ordered 2 copies, to give as gifts. Read some of the preview through the Blurb site – great stories, fantastic cause – Well done!