Nov 13 2009

Shaping the Man You Wish To Be

What does it mean to “be a man”? This is something that many of the authors struggle with and discuss in their contributions to The Perfect Gift for a Man. For some, it means looking to role models; while others look almost at the anti-role model – or what “I don’t want to be”.

The Perfect Gift for a  Man - it's in helping shape the man you wish to beIn this great review of the book, Merric Reese suggests that reading and engaging with the themes of the book is not just about what it means to be a man, but can help you shape the man you wish to be:

Overall The Perfect Gift For A Man is an outstanding book and has the potential to not only change the man you are but help shape the man that you will be.  My advice is to share this book with as many men in your life that you can.

But what is your view? What have you read that captures your imagination?