Dec 08 2009

Perfect Inspiration

Last night, with thanks to the Social Media Club, Sydney, Mark Pollard held a conversation with some of the contributors to The Perfect Gift for a Man. manweek-markpollardJoining Mark on-stage were Annik Skelton, Jeremy Lebard, Stephen Collins and Eduardo Chavez (representing Blurb). There were some great moments – with Mark asking questions about why people contributed to the book – and wondering whether any of them had second thoughts after sending their chapters through for publishing. Both Jeremy and Stephen admitted to second thoughts – but feeling that “getting the story out” was also cathartic.

Members of the audience got into the swing of things, asking questions and commenting via Twitter. Gavin Costello asked whether there was a central place that captured all the blog posts that were written in support of #Manweek – not just those that were forwarded to us for publication in the book. And while we have a number of examples in the sidebar, a more comprehensive list can be found below. Oh, and if I have missed any posts, please leave a comment and I will add yours in too.