Steve Crombie

Steve CrombieSteve Crombie has travelled over 200,000kms as an adventurer in his short lifetime. Before becoming a full time adventurer, Steve worked in a circus and as a financial software developer. Whilst undertaking his MBA, he realised that his true passion was exploring the world by any means necessary. Steve recently returned from a journey travelling from Australia to the Arctic by motorbike and boat covering 90,000km.

Today, Steve is a documentary filmmaker, writer and keynote speaker. His current projects include a book deal with Pan MacMillan and presenting, producing and writing documentaries with Lonely Planet and Discovery Channel. In order to motivate others to live their dreams, Steve works as an ambassador for the Inspire Foundation – creating opportunities for young people to change their world.

After seven years chasing a dream it has now become a sustainable reality. Steve is one of few people in the world with “Adventurer” as his full time profession; it’s even on his business card.